XsicoDNS - Status

General Status:
   Current state:Running
   Server uptime:12 days, 9 hours, 38 minutes, 39 seconds
   DNS zones:1
   DNS records cached:3121

DNS Requests Received:
   Recursive (RD):9508915
   OpCode 0 - Request:9513096
   OpCode 1 - Inverse Query Request:9
   OpCode 2 - Server Status Request:3
   OpCode 3 - Unknown Request OpCode (3):1
   OpCode 4 - Notify Request:69
   OpCode 6 - unknown:19
   OpCode 7 - unknown:3
   OpCode 8 - unknown:32
   OpCode 10 - unknown:19
   OpCode 12 - unknown:2
   OpCode 13 - unknown:1
   Query record type A:7705239
   Query record type NS:501
   Query record type CNAME:51
   Query record type SOA:2470
   Query record type NULL:1
   Query record type PTR:205230
   Query record type MX:5302
   Query record type TXT:73309
   Query record type AAAA:1490366
   Query record type SRV:20313
   Query record type NAPTR:13
   Query record type DS:370
   Query record type RRSIG:3
   Query record type DNSKEY:36
   Query record type *:3669
   Other query types:1308
   Query class IN:9506788
   Query class CH:68
   Other query classes:1325

Dropped/Ignored DNS Requests:
   Repeat requests:307221
   IP Blocking:2652732
   Lame request Stealth option:0
   Notify request not matched:0
   Exceeded max. parallel recursive:0

DNS Responses Sent:
   Authoritative (AA):201
   Truncated (TC):212
   Recursion Available (RA):0
   RCODE 0 - No Error:8247074
   RCODE 1 - Format Error:6388
   RCODE 2 - Server Failure:360351
   RCODE 3 - Non-Existent Domain:591997
   RCODE 4 - Not implemented:24

DNS Requests Sent:
   Zone transfer:0
   Incremental zone transfer (IXFR):0
   Zone SOA refresh:0

DNS Responses Received:
DNS requests per second in the last 60 seconds (max 29):

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